Massage and manual lymphatic drainage in Lausanne

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I consider each treatment from a holistic perspective. I rely on my different body therapy skills to personalize care as much as possible according to your needs.

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A slow and gentle care that stimulates lymph circulation and regulates the body, without the use of oil.

It is recommended for everyone, its action helps to eliminate metabolic waste, toxins, and strengthen the immune system. However, one of the main benefits of lymphatic drainage is the reduction of edema, or swelling, often associated with medical conditions such as lymphedema, water retention, or surgery.

We target here muscle and joint pain, chronic or sudden, use of optional oil. Unlike relaxation massages, it is specifically designed to treat physical and medical problems.

Therapeutic massage is often recommended for people suffering from sports injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, migraines, anxiety and digestion problems. It offers a holistic approach to health by treating both the physical and emotional aspects of well-being.

A moment of calm to recover from daily stress, or simply a deserved rest, care with oil. Through fluid movements and controlled pressures, it reduces stress, soothes muscle tension, and promotes deep relaxation.

The benefits are numerous: improved sleep, reduced anxiety, relief of mild pain, and stimulation of blood circulation. By offering a moment of pure relaxation, the relaxing massage helps to restore emotional and physical balance.

Your care

Choose your treatment from those offered or we can together determine the best therapy for you.

At each new appointment we will have a discussion in order to work better together, your needs and expectations. We will determine which care will be most suitable and I will answer all your questions.

The price is 120.- per hour.

I am a therapist recognized by the ASCA and the RME, my care can be reimbursed by your insurance. It is advisable to inquire with your insurer.

Soin massage thérapeutique à Lausanne

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Arthur Seban has been working for many years as a specialist in lymphatic drainage and therapeutic masseur. His area of expertise in body therapies includes the treatment of muscle and ligament pain, fascia work, combined decongestant therapy for edema, as well as the improvement of lymphatic circulation.

He trained in therapeutic massage at the Atlas School in Lausanne, in partnership with the CHUV for training in anatomy, pathology and physiology. Lymphatic drainage was taught to him according to the Vodder method by Maria Hebeisen, then supplemented by Simone Monney and Didier Tomson at the Epalinges school.

thérapeute en drainage lymphatique
thérapeute en drainage lymphatique à Lausanne

Always eager to learn, Arthur is currently preparing the federal medical masseur certificate. He regularly participates in additional training and practitioners’ symposia.

He receives his patients at the Mhp Centrum in Lausanne and Geneva. In addition, he practices as a therapist at the Liv Ortho clinic in Neuchâtel, where he monitors the post-operative drainage of the patients of the orthopedic surgeon Dr. Vincent Villa.

Arthur is a member of the Lymphosuisse Health Professionals Association, the ASCA Foundation and is registered in the Register of Empirical Medicines. He is also a rescuer in the Lausanne Samaritains.

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